Janet Jackson debuted a tiny baby bump this week as the 50-year-old singer displayed the first outward signs of her surprising pregnancy.

Jackson surprised the world in May when she announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

Now, Radar Online has published what it claims are the first photos of Janet Jackson’s baby bump — though you might have to use your imagination to see it. The photos show Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana getting out of a car, and there is just barely a peek at Jackson’s mid-section.

Though the shots weren’t very revealing, they still managed to circulate online and generate some good remarks for Jackson. Many fans noted how great she is looking in the early stages of her pregnancy, which can often be the most difficult months for expectant mothers.

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Tito Jackson Confirms She’s Not Using A Surrogate

Janet, who recently turned 50, surprised many when she announced back in April that she would be halting her busy touring schedule to plan a family. Reports a few weeks later confirmed that the star was pregnant.

The news led to speculation that Janet would be making use of a surrogate because of her age.

But talking to radio host Andy Cohen on Andy’s Live Sirius XM radio show recently, Tito Jackson denied this, saying that Janet is carrying her first child without the assistance of a surrogate.

He reassured fans that Janet’s pregnancy is going well and the star is taking it easy to protect her health.

He also revealed that Janet has chosen not to know the sex of the child just yet.

“I couldn’t tell you (when she’s due) but I know she’s hoping for a healthy baby,” he added.

According to a source speaking to  E! Entertainment, Janet and her husband had been working with a fertility specialist for some time before her pregnancy, in hope of starting a family..


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Janet Jackson’s 50 best songs of all time, ranked

Few artists are as singular as Janet Jackson. Over a 34-year recording career, the pop star has sold over 26 million albums in the U.S., scored five Grammys, notched 10 No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 (one of the most for a female artist ever), crafted some of the MTV Generation’s most memorable music videos—all while fashioning herself as a cultural icon who broke down barriers of race and sexuality in America and who continues to make killer records today. In honor of Miss Janet’s 50th birthday, EW’s celebrating her towering catalogue of music with a look at our Top 50 favorite songs from her solo career.

50. “Can’t B Good” (2008)
Jackson’s work with Ne-Yo on Discipline was one of her better moves away from her comfort zone with longtime producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. After all, Ne-Yo has worn his MJ influence like a sequined glove. In the lush atmosphere of this song that he cowrote and coproduced, you can hear echoes of Off the Wall’s “Can’t Help It” and Thriller’s “Human Nature.” –Chuck Arnold

49. “Someone to Call My Lover” (2001)
Jackson had already showed some love for ’70s folk-rock with the Joni Mitchell-biting “Got ’Til It’s Gone.” And here she lifted the guitar riff from America’s 1972 hit “Ventura Highway.” Although she has yet to find someone to call her lover, the mood is irrepressibly upbeat and optimistic about pre-Tinder match-meeting. Surprisingly, after a great run, the song would become her last Top 10 hit. –C.A

48. “I Want You” (2004)
Just as his own career was taking off as an artist, Kanye West collaborated with Jackson on three Damita Jo cuts, the best of which is this old-school slow dance. Also cowritten by John Legend, the song samples B.T. Express’ version of “Close to You.” But with its swirling, sumptuous ’60s nostalgia and a vocal that recalls a young Michael, it’s a love letter to her family’s Motown roots. –C.A

47. “Say You Do,” (1982)
With bright disco strings, horn tuttis, and a Fender Rhodes keyboard groove, the third single from her debut album is a carbon copy of her brother’s “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough,” released four years earlier. But with a hook as indelible as that, who cares? –Kevin O’Donnell

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46. “All Nite (Don’t Stop)” (2004)
“It’s time to dance,” Jackson declares at the outset of this electro-funk cardio session, but it’s pretty clear by the bridge—what with her orgasmic moans, don’t-wake-the-neighbors whispers and instructions to “get hardcore”—that she’s not really talking about tearing up the dance floor. Blurring the line between the club and the bedroom has long been one of Jackson’s specialties; too bad the fallout over Nipplegate kept this raunchy track from making much of an impact on the charts. –Nolan Feeney

45. “Enjoy” (2006)
Her brothers had a hit with “Enjoy Yourself” during their post-Motown incarnation as the Jacksons, and their sister captured the same kind of feel-good vibes on this buried gem. A midtempo slice of sunshine, it was a welcome escape from the trying-too-hard sexuality on some of the post-Nipplegate 20 Y.O. Bursting into “la, la, la, la la’s,” a children’s singalong and signature Janet giggles, it showed that even in her 40s, Miss Jackson’s girlish charm was still intact. –C.A.


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Live Nation says that tickets will be honored or refunds offered for Janet Jackson’s postponed concert dates.

Janet Jackson recently announced that she’s postponing dates on her Unbreakable Tour, but fans hopefully won’t have to wait too long to see her live.

Janet Jackson Announces ‘My Husband And I Are Planning Our Family’; Postpones European Tour

Just a couple days after the singer cited plans to start a family with her husband, Wissam Al Mana, as the reason for the tour postponement, Live Nation released a statement (via Us Weekly): “The Janet Jackson Unbreakable Tour in North America will be postponed until 2017. New dates will be announced at a later time, and tickets will be honored for the rescheduled dates. Refunds are also available at the point of purchase. Stay tuned to JanetJackson.com and LiveNation.com for further info.”

Jackson posted a link to the news article on social media, confirming the report.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour and there actually has been a sudden change. I thought it was important that you be the first to know,” Jackson had previously said in a video posted on Twitter. “My husband and I are planning our family. I’m gonna have to delay the tour. Please if you can try and understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor’s orders.”

“I can’t wait for us to get started again,” she added.




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